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December 2011

Going the Distance in 2011

by GK on December 29, 2011 · 10 comments

So, 2011 is just about to become history. But before we look ahead to a 2012 full of wine, women and great Spotify playlists, I want to look back on what this year meant to me. Perhaps it’ll give you something to chew on for next year’s goal-setting. First, let’s talk party real quick. If […]

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The Merits of the Slumpbuster

by GK on December 21, 2011 · 3 comments

This topic was born in the comments section of my post on breaking it off with women, and I thought it deserved its own mention. The question comes from Barry, who asks whether I think it’s worthwhile to bed a “slumpbuster” when in a dry spell, as I suggest in one of my earliest posts. […]

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It’s mailbag time, boys and girls! The question comes from a new friend of mine, SW of Philadelphia, who is wondering how to tell a woman he’s dated several times that he’s no longer interested, while letting her keep her dignity and letting him remain free of stab wounds. SW’s mini-crisis boils down like this, […]

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