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October 2012

Gaining power through better body language

by GK on October 23, 2012

I’ve been busy wearing out my voice during the Giants’ World Series run (woo hoo!), but I’m going to interrupt that for a minute to share a video relating to body language that both educates and inspires. My friend sent me a recent TED talk featuring social psychologist Amy Cuddy. A quick synopsis is that […]

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Mailbag: Being the single guy

by GK on October 15, 2012 · 5 comments

Our mailbag question comes to us from my friend B in Philly. Some context first: His close friend SW from Philly recently got into a relationship, which SW chronicled in his guest post on dating women who are busy. “I’m turning 27 soon, and my friends who are all in the same age group are […]

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I’ve watched “Swingers” countless times since I first saw it in 2000, back when I had a lot in common with Mikey — clueless with women, in a new city and yet to overcome a breakup that I initiated. Not until recently, though, did I hear the guy behind the guy talk about what exactly […]

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