A new social sport: The Gregathlon

by GK on February 9, 2010 · 1 comment

Those of you who know me probably know that I’ve devoted much of my life to sports. And now that I’ve been teaching this dating stuff for a couple of years, I think it’s high time I joined the two. 

I’ve been working on this in my laboratory recently, and with the Winter Olympics just a few days away, I’m unveiling a sport they might want to add in Vancouver. Or at least at the Vancouver bars. It’s like a cross between pairs figure skating and fencing, it’s both collaborative and competitive, and it’s meant to give guys a little more fun and motivation when they’re out socializing. And being the humble guy I am, I’m naming it after myself.

That’s right, behold the Gregathlon. You don’t need any equipment to play — your charisma will suffice.

Ten points if you guys can pull this move off.

Improving one’s social skills is a process, and it involves lots of repetition out in the field. It’s something I went through, and it’s something my students and other guys go through all the time. This should be an exciting journey, but as I experienced at times, it can also become a grind. When I see a guy at a bar who looks like he’s punching a clock at work, I know he’s in for a long night.

So, if that describes you lately, maybe this will spice things up. I’ve got a checklist of tasks for you to accomplish while partying, and the tougher the task, the more points you’ll get. I made sure to center the rules not around a “close” or a particular result, but around taking risks and getting out of your comfort zone. That way, you only get judged by what you’re able to control. And without risk-taking, you’ll rarely close the deal, anyway.

Before I get into it, a few notes on the Gregathlon:

  • This is meant to be a game to play with your friends, in a nighttime or party setting. I’d need to skew the rules to make it work for the daytime.
  • You can make whatever bet you like with your friends, but the winner ought to get some kind of prize. A round of drinks will do.
  • If you have the guts to play this game alone, add three points to each of these tasks, because you are a brave man.
  • Although flirting is the emphasis here, it’s not all based on pickup. If you’re just being friendly, you’ll score well.
  • Your friends can’t track everything you’re doing, so it goes without saying that we’re playing on the honor system.
  • This is only a first draft. Even American football went years before the forward pass was invented. Feel free to tweak or add rules as you wish, and feel free to suggest them to me. But your friends should agree to them.

And with no further ado, here are your tasks and the points they earn:

  • Being dared to do something by your wingman and not doing it: minus-5 points — These are the only negative points in the game. If your wingman is making unreasonable requests, you can easily turn the tables on him, so that should keep everyone honest.
  • Approaching a lone girl: 1 point
  • Approaching a group of two girls by yourself: 2 points
  • Approaching a group of three or more girls by yourself: 3 points
  • Approaching a group of guys and girls by yourself: 4 points
  • Starting a conversation with someone who’s working: 2 points
  • Introducing someone you just met to someone else at the venue: 2 points
  • Introducing your friend to a girl/guy they find attractive: 2 points
  • Telling a girl you’re interested in that you like her: 2 points
  • Talking to a girl you like about something sexual: 3 points
  • Making fun of a girl you like: 1 point
  • Touching her in a sexual way (when appropriate!): 4 points — Please, no smacking a girl’s butt as she walks past you. You should already be interacting with her. These qualify as sexual touching: her thigh, butt, hips, belly, face, hair, small of her back, arm around her waist, holding hands, caressing any body part, grinding while dancing, and kissing. Hugging doesn’t count.
  • Asking what her relationship situation is: 1 point
  • Attempting to dance or sing karaoke with a girl: 3 points
  • Talking to her about making dating plans after an interaction of at least 15 minutes: 5 points
  • Telling someone you’d like to hang out another time as friends and exchanging info: 3 points
  • Attempting to exchange phone numbers with her after an interaction of at least 15 minutes, where she knows you’re interested: 6 points
  • Attempting to change venues with her after an interaction of at least 10 minutes: 8 points
  • Wearing an aluminum-foil medal around your neck after it’s over: Priceless.

There you have it. There’s no point total you’re expected to get to. Just try to increase your score each time you get out there, and make it a supportive effort with your friends. Let the games begin.

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1 matrix February 11, 2010 at 1:42 pm

Nice way to keep things fun and competitive. I used to play a game with my wing where we would try to say the most outrageous shit possible and see who could still get the girl. We would talk about our cars breaking down on the highway and having to shovel shit for a living. That was too much fun

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