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Mad Men

I didn’t think it would take five episodes until I wrote about the new season of “Mad Men,” but I’m taking longer than usual to form my opinions about it. By the time I do, the 60s might already be over. The big tease we’ve been given is the possibility that finally, Don Draper has […]

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The Failure of Don Draper

by GK on October 20, 2010 · 3 comments

Before I start kvetching over the season finale of “Mad Men,” I just wanted to follow up my wedding post by saying I had a truly memorable time watching Rob get married last weekend. I’ll never forget golfing with the guys on Wedding Eve, fist-pumping with Eastside Mike in the car after the wedding, and tearing up the dance floor […]

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Don Draper: Owning the Dating Pool

by GK on September 14, 2010 · 3 comments

If life does originate from the water, Don Draper is showing us one can be reborn in it as well. Don does a lot of swimming in “The Summer Man,”  the latest episode of “Mad Men,” and while I’m not ready to call it a comeback just yet — he’d hit a new low last episode — he is […]

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Was it something I said, Don? Days after my online intervention for Don Draper, who was fast losing his Grade A game with the ladies, he showed us some signs of life in the latest episode of “Mad Men.”  It’s far too soon to say he’s all the way back, but we finally saw our first Vintage Don in Season 4. […]

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Don Draper: Ladies’ Man in Crisis

by GK on August 17, 2010 · 7 comments

I’m about to do something I never thought I’d have to do: give Don Draper advice on women. If you’ve watched “Mad Men,” you’ve watched one of the most fascinating characters ever to grace a TV screen. On one hand, Don Draper is an inherently unhappy man who is honest with almost no one, including himself — yet what guy hasn’t wanted […]

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