Coaching and Reviews

I’m mostly retired from coaching these days after a glorious 2½-year run where I helped scores of guys improve their social lives, particularly with women. But old habits die hard, and for now I will offer live, private instruction to men and women who approach me for it. The journey of transforming one’s social life can be a daunting one — I know from experience — and for those who don’t know where to turn, I want to provide some common sense, long-term goals and hands-on fun.

I’m accepting students on a case-by-case basis — I’m not looking for business and I don’t intend to teach often. But if you’re truly committed to making a long-term difference in your life and you come to me for help, I won’t refuse you. I’ve scored a lot of karma points doing this work, and I still feel a duty to making the world a more charming place.

Real briefly, here’s the coaching I’ll offer:

  • In-field private instruction.
  • Phone coaching.

I told you it’s brief! I’m a big believer in hands-on experience when learning how to flirt and socialize, and as you can find in the reviews below, my students learned much from just a day or a weekend of  mingling. It would be just the two of us in whatever city or venue you choose (I live in San Francisco, and travel expenses are extra). If you buy a full day’s instruction, you can cut that up into half-sessions if you like. You also get free phone coaching before the live instruction, and when it’s over, you’ll have my help for life — because I’m loyal like that.

As for my coaching role, I’ve been a teacher, wingman and friend at once. Most of your time would be spent not on lecture or discussion, but talking to the kind of people you want to meet. I’d give you feedback on that and demonstrate.

For more details, you can e-mail me at

I had plenty of satisfied customers while I was  instructing — I’ve included excerpts from them below — and I’ll have to brag a little when I explain why I got such positive reviews. Here are some reasons:

  • I love cookies, but I hate a cookie-cutter approach to helping guys. Rather than change someone into some cloned pickup artist, I take his best features and help him accentuate those, while teaching him a few helpful skills along the way. The result is exactly the kind of social life he wants — be it a long-term relationship, active dating life or a larger social circle — without having to learn a bunch of canned lines or other unnatural behavior.  He may be surprised to learn that the answer to being successful with the ladies — and with people in general — never lay in some shiny new technique, but rather from within.
  • I turned calculus into social arithmetic. Rather than try to teach a guy 20 techniques that he’ll likely never need to be great with women, I believe in teaching things at their simplest. My students learned the basic and most important skills that any man who’s great with women is likely to have. These include being relatable, showing interest the right way, leading an interaction and handling logistics. Those skills are your canvas — you can paint the portrait any way you want once you believe in yourself.
  • I’ve been there  — from the depths of mid-20s virginity, to the joy of my first social successes, to long-term relationships, and currently to a fun and enriching social life that includes high-quality women. I don’t fancy myself a Pickup Artist — my clothes are far too normal for that. I’m just a regular guy who knows how to have fun and is great at teaching based on experience, not just theory. My students can relate to me, which I think enhances the experience of learning from me.
  • I don’t just talk a good social game — I demonstrate it for my students in the field. Any instructor worth his keep can do this, but sadly not all of them do. By watching me have a great time with women, my students often realized that meeting people isn’t meant to be scary, but fun.

OK, enough patting myself on the back. Here are some former students to do it for me! The following are some abridged reviews:

“I feel like things are really coming together for me.  It’s funny to think back on the shyness and desperation and frustration that I felt for so long because it feels alien to me now.  I don’t feel powerless any more.  Obviously I still chicken out sometimes, especially with cold approaching, and I certainly have my off-nights where I don’t build the social momentum I need early on and fall into some introverted habits.  But when I think back on how I used to act, I am amazed at how far I’ve come.

I wrote in the comments section on your site (I forget which article, but I’m sure you saw it) about meeting a super cute art history nerd at a bar back in May.  I still see her regularly and she likes to tease me about being a player.  That’s something I’ve started getting in the last month or so:  joking accusations of being a player.  Last weekend, a girl told me I was “way too good at this” and that I was exactly the kind of guy she tells herself to stay away from.  But since then, while she’s been away camping, she’s been texting me every day.

Both the art history nerd girl and the “too good at this” girl have complimented my directness, saying they found it refreshing.  Which was a huge confidence builder because during my initial interactions with both of them, I felt like I was escalating very clumsily and expressing interest very … inelegantly.  In fact, when dancing with Too Good At This Girl, I told her I wanted to kiss her and the most appalled – even horrified – expression came over her and she screamed “Oh god!  Not here!”  I was worried for a second that I’d blown it by being too aggressive but she kept dancing with me and when we went outside for some air and I apologized, she said there was no need, she just wasn’t a “club makeout girl.”  But anyway, the point of the story was that even when I felt like I was being too blunt with a girl – even to the point of getting yelled at for being too forward – that is still better than doing nothing and actually didn’t even hurt my chances.

Erica, the art girl, has told me on multiple occasions how she really admired my directness because most guys try to pussyfoot around.  She’s told me she’s sick of dating boys and is happy to have finally met a man who actually knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go for it.  Another girl told me straight up “guys in Victoria have no balls.”

All of this has been a massive MASSIVE confidence boost for me, realizing that even when I think I’m being clumsy or timid in my escalations, the mere fact that I’m actually taking the lead and escalating conveys, from the girls’ point of view, a ton of confidence.

I’ve had a few nights where I’ll go through a bar talking to girls, not giving a shit about bad reactions or awkward interactions or rejection or anything like that.  I used to get so caught up in my own head all the time (and still do a fair bit) but at least now I know how it feels to be in the zone and just let my momentum carry me, not worrying about reactions and outcomes and just floating along and putting myself out there and having a ton of fun.

I’ve slept with more girls in one summer than I had in my entire life up to this point (which isn’t a huge accomplishment but still…), but that’s not why I’m happy.  I’m happy because I feel like I have options.  I don’t feel pressured to just latch onto the first girl willing to go on a date with me and pursue a serious relationship out of fear of being alone.  I’m still not exactly where I want to be, because I have a tendency, especially when alone, to lose my energy and let a lot of perfectly good opportunities slip by because I hesitate too much and psych myself out.  But when people ask me if I have a girlfriend, I can say “no, but I’m seeing a couple girls” and that feels pretty good.

Yay options!”

Private instruction student, San Francisco

“I believe that the mark of a good teacher in any field is the ability to take something that seems complicated at first and make it simple, which is exactly what GK did for me during our weekend together. I was shocked at how easy it was to meet women after working with him for only a few hours.

That night GK and I went out to a lounge in San Francisco and had an absolute blast. I talked to several attractive women that I never would have considered approaching before, including women in big groups of their friends (which always used to intimidate the hell out of me). I was frankly shocked at how well the pointers that GK had taught me that afternoon worked and how effortlessly I was able to approach and have great conversations with these women. I spent the last hour and a half of the night chatting with a woman who I had originally thought was so far out of my league that I had laughed when GK told me to talk to her and her friends. I had expected her to shoot me down immediately, but within ten minutes of meeting her she began really relating to me and telling me stories from her childhood and she stuck around long after her friends left just to hang out with me.

The next day GK and I met again in Union Square to talk about day game. I had always been intimidated by approaching women during the day and so I was looking forward to getting the hang of it. The afternoon got off to kind of a rough start: I approached four women, one of whom had a boyfriend, and three of whom told me straight-up that they definitely didn’t want to talk to me.

In the past being shot down like this might have discouraged me, but I actually liked it on Saturday, mainly because it was pretty funny, but also because I got to see that the worst-case scenario for approaching someone is really not too bad at all (and certainly no where near as bad as doing nothing and then spending the rest of the day whining about it). The fifth approach of the day went much better, however. The girl was absolutely awesome—we chatted for a while, took a walk, got a coffee together, and ended up hanging out for four hours and arranging to meet up two days later. I remember a specific moment when I was talking to her when I thought to myself, “Wow, this is so easy! I should have been doing this for my entire life!”

By Saturday evening I was pretty tired and I figured that the weekend had already peaked, but we went to a bar in San Francisco and talked to a lot of other really cool women. Again, I was able to approach and carry on great conversations with women that in the past I would have considered completely out of my league. I had never met a girl that I really liked in a bar before (probably because in the past I had to get pretty bombed to get the courage to talk to anyone), but that night I met another fantastic girl, talked to her for most of the evening, and then met up with her on Sunday afternoon.

Overall, the entire weekend was an awesome experience and I highly recommend it. I was frankly pretty embarrassed about having to have someone coach me on how to talk to women, but I’m glad that I got over that and signed up and got to meet GK. GK was a great instructor and a super-cool guy, and I really enjoyed spending the weekend hanging out with him. The only thing I regret is not doing this earlier!”

Charm School student, San Francisco

“This will not be your typical review. I will not tell you that a private instruction with GK will change your life. GK’s game can not magically voodoo your game into becoming a “Natural”.

My PI went horribly. I sucked. I picked up no women. Didn’t have 1 “successfull” interaction. I basically felt like the entire time. I could see the pain in his eyes whenever I would go up and approach. He knew that I was walking into the interaction defeated.. I could feel the pain in GK’s eyes when I was communicating to him about my problems/

I regretted spending the $1500, until I started taking GK’s advice two month’s later and realizing the positive indirect effects of the PI.

GK really placed an emphasis on Leading. In my own life, and with the women I was interacting with.

I remember asking,”Is the life I lead attractive?”
He replied “Whatever it is you do, OWN IT”

The problem was that very thought. I didn’t feel like the life I lead was attractive.

My brothers are alpha male, type A, physically and socially dominate males.I am 5’4, shy and keep to myself. Before taking the PI with GK, I always thought that in order for me to get beautiful, intelligent, classy women into my life I had to make some sort of socially impressive Military or Athletic Achievement. This was because my family placed great emphasis on both these things. But after seeing GK interact with some girls that I would have killed to date, I realized this was far from the truth! You don’t have to be a Pro-Athlete or Navy Seal, to pick up women.

Once I finally internalized this concept, and went to work on myself, things changed fast and dramatically.


1. I cut off ties with the negative influences in my life.So family and friends that sucked, I stopped dealing with. I stopped Mental Masturbation online(most email, facebook, online seduction blogs, stupid time wasters..etcetc) I stopped drinking. I stopped going home after work just to watch movies. What I realized that I was just uncomfortable being alone.
2. I started talking to anyone. Whether it was a farm laborer (Im a farmer), or the president of an important company I deal with I didn’t discriminate. I am now friendly to everybody. Telling people I liked them works wonders!
3. I went out to coffee shops, gyms, bookstores and just bullshitted with people I didn’t know.

THE RESULTS: Within 3 days I came across 3 beautiful women. When I interacted with them, I lead the conversation. Each girl excitedly pressed her number into my palm, without any pickup lines or seduction techniques. Just genuine interaction and leadership within that interaction.

I am now seeing a gorgeous personal trainer, who just got introduced to my family this weekend. Everyone around me was jealously asking “How did you pull this off?”

Easy…. I took GK’s advice and focused on LEADING!

GK impacted my life indirectly, not the method he taught, but by the example he set. I had certain paradigms about women and dating that were ineffective. He taught me that if you aren’t happy with the life you lead, the girl you want to be with will not want to be a part your life either.

Was it worth the $1500? Yes! GK is good. Like the Joker said in The Dark Knight “If you are good at something, never do it for free.”

Maybe you won’t meet your future wife out with GK, but maybe that one little hint he gives you will transform your reality 6 months down the road.”

— Private instruction student, San Francisco

“GK was my instructor. We accomplished the major realistic goals that I wanted to get out of the event. GK 1) kicked me to approach and commit to the type of women I was always intimidated, 2) Gave me feedback on my vibe which would have taken years to have figured out, 3) gave me an effective general outline on conversing with women (or anyone for that matter), and 4) effectively answered the subtle questions that I had on social dynamics. He conducts himself in a manner that was completely clear and encouraging and not once did I ever feel patronized and demeaned—he is really a great coach and knows his stuff. His follow through after the course is top notch and he has answered some great questions about dating after the event. His whole approach is cool and collected and never cheesy or sleazy.

I’ve only taken the course 6 weeks ago and it has completely, completely changed my game—I have success already;0 So if you live in the Bay Area, and want to change your life and minimize frusteration with women, then I’d recommend taking a course with GK. I found it was worth the money and time.”

— Charm School student, San Francisco

“This review is being drafted while I sit in the airport Monday morning. I’m really happy and I can’t stop smiling. It might have something to do with having my first one-night stand from a cold approach. This is my review of my bootcamp weekend with GK in San Francisco. (June 27th and 28th, 2009)

I had gone into this weekend with the belief that opening was my problem. In my pre-event interview I write that if I mastered the first 5 minutes, opening and commitment, with a girl I would be happy. As it turns out I can do that! Ha-ha. GK explains that the first 10 minutes aren’t my problem; it’s the next 10 minutes after that. My commitment is lacking. I’m not showing interest verbally (SOI) or non-verbally (Kino). Nor am I asking key logistical questions that will set me up to escalate. I’m the blind driver, steering nowhere. I have some good conversations in Borders but can’t make escalate from a personal vibe to a sexual one.

The Park – So I did two more approaches to wrap the day up. The first was by far the weakest and I shall never speak of it again. GK could see it affected my confidence, so he opened a three-set and I came in after. Things were good we got a great personal vibe. Then they had to leave. Some logistical challenges can’t be overcome. Oh well.

My final approach was a Filipino girl sunbathing in her bikini. She was cute. I like Asians. I sat down and opened. She had seen us talking to the three-set and started busting my balls about picking up chicks at the park. I totally admitted to it. In a couple of minutes we had a great personal vibe. I found out she was a 33 year old electrical engineer. She looked way younger. I told her I was leaving tomorrow, she still seemed interested. So, I escalated with SOI, light kino, and logistical questions. She was single. We chatted a bit more and went for the number. I got it and told her I would call her after I was done “hanging out” with my friends for coffee, around 7. She was cool with that.

The Wrap Up– We cruised the streets a bit more and did one last approach before calling it a day and grabbing a bite to eat. GK was cool. We talked for an hour. He answered all our questions. Two days with GK had done more for me than the past year. I’m impressed and feel I got full value out of the bootcamp. We said our goodbye just in time for me call the Filipino girl back.

My Date– So I never did make it back to my hotel after that. I set up a drink date with her at 8pm. We got a table in the back and talked for a good hour, maybe more. It was a fun rapport with great vibe. I didn’t want to drink a lot so I only had one glass of wine and so did she. I paid for the wine, and said she could get the next round. GK helped with text message Q&A support. GK had told me a story about a one-night stand he had where every time they bounced to a new location, it was closer to where he was staying. I kept this in mind. I asked her to show me around the city like a tour guild so we bounced to a place called Bueno Vista for an Irish coffee. This time she paid willingly, which is a sign of interest to me. It was great because here I took the next step escalating the kino and started to touch her more frequently. We then walked to Peir 39 and she showed me the sea lions. At this point it kino was strong and I went for the kiss. She loved it, and we made out a bit. Who knew sea lions could be so romantic. I remebered that when you want to escalate you need to tell her the what and the why. So I told her I want you to come back to my room, you need to see the view.” It worked like magic. We caught a trolley back to my hotel and she spent the night. The rest is private. Needless to say, it was a complete one-day seduction. I would like to thank the academy… and most of all GK for his guidance.

GK is exactly the guy I needed to take me to the next level. He was firm and supportive the whole way. He’s willing to demo and can scout the best targets. He knows game and what to get you to focus on to improve. I feel that I accomplished more with him in two days that this past year. If you have the option to be his student, take it.”

— Charm School student, San Francisco

“GK isn’t some ridiculous playboy, he’s a laid back, down to earth dude, and he seemed like a perfect pick-up role model for me. His vibe was relaxed and friendly, and I was immediately glad that he would have my back for the bootcamp weekend.

In the coffee shop, we talked about the big four. I don’t think that you could ask for a better teacher than GK, he kept things simple, and gave very clear answers to our questions. Talking about the big four gave me the perfect amount to focus on, and right after that, we hit the streets of SF!

I approached loads of sets of singles, doubles, triples, and in places like bookstores, parks, streets, and grocery stores, and I went direct every time. These are things that I just couldn’t have imagined doing on my own, and GK showed me that approaching, even directly, is the most normal, matter-of-fact thing in the world. Now, this doesn’t mean that my anxiety has gone away, but it feels much more manageable.

Every time I approached, GK gave a focused critique on what I had done well and what I had done badly, as well as pointers on how to do the next approach better. I always felt like I had the right amount of stuff to think about, and never felt bogged down by details.

So now comes the million dollar question, or in this case, the $1399 question: has my situation with women improved after the bootcamp? The answer is definitely yes.

I was out in a bar with a friend yesterday, and really wanted to talk to a 2 set in the corner. I explained the wingman rules to him and then we went to work. Sadly, it was not to be, as my target wound up having a serious boyfriend, but in any case, I know that it was the bootcamp with GK that made the approach possible. (The girls also said that they loved my approach, direct and simple, and said that we were the nicest guys that they had been approached by in a bar.)

GK’s big 4 on an ice cream date

I take salsa lessons, and there’s a girl there who I’ve had my eye on. The day after the bootcamp I got her number at the lesson, and the day afterwards we went on a date. The number getting was a little shaky, but the date was perfectly executed.

1. Talk about yourself: This worked amazingly well. I just kind of blathered on about myself and things that I was interested in. She got on board quick, and started sharing about herself as well.

2. Tell her you like her: I made sure to tell her that I thought she was confident and straightforward, two qualities I really liked about her.

3. Touch her: I was immediately worried when I saw the place where we were sitting. It was a small table with one chair on one side, and a bench on the other side. I definitely didn’t want to wind up across the table from her, so I plopped myself right down next to her on the bench. It felt awkward for like 2 seconds, but it sure paid off. I was able to touch her without having to reach across a table, and by the end of the date we were sitting thigh to thigh.

4. Manage logistics: Aside from doing things like asking what her relationship situation was, this one was easy, since my date handled it for me. When things were wrapping up at the icecream shop, she suggested that we go rent a movie. I was like, “Score!” and we were off. The night ended with sloppy makeouts and the DVD menu music looping in the background.

It doesn’t seem like 2 days with some dude on the streets of SF could possibly be worth $1400, but if it’s a 2 day bootcamp with GK, it’s worth every penny.”

— Charm School student, San Francisco

 “I met up with GK in a starbucks. At this time I was very nervous, and it was getting expressed through my body language. GK pointed it out to me later, as something that I need to watch. Which was great because it’s something that your normal crew would probably not point out.

Also, I learned something for inner game which I figured I’d share with yall: When you approach a girl or whatever, have a goal in mind. Whether it’s an insta-date to the local coffee shop, finding a date for next week’s party, whatever. The more specific the better. For me, the goal shouldn’t be “I’m gonna go talk to that girl” because that’s not what you want out of it.

GK points out a girl, asks if I think she’s attractive, which I respond ‘yes’. He’s like “why don’t you go talk to her”. I couldn’t. It felt unnatural at the time. Weird, even. So I asked him if he could demonstrate, and though his throat was hoarse after recovering from the flu, he agreed.

It was a table of 3 girls, 1 girl there alone, and one group of 2 that knew each other. He started with a simple opener, and before I knew it, he was pulling up a seat. It was great to see it happen successfully from a 3rd person perspective, not only because I got to see what he was doing and how she was reacting, but also how everyone else in the bookstore was reacting. The two girls watched him jealously. They ended up leaving shortly after he started talking to her, but they kept looking back and it was pretty obvious they wished he talked to them. A few others stopped and listened, curiously. I could tell that even though the girl was russian with a thick accent, and even though GK was getting over a cold and sounded horribly, that was probably the one thing she’d remember happening to her that day.

We met up at this fantastic wine bar near GK’s place. We got there and started talking to people pretty quickly. The most notable group of girls that we talked to were these girls who were in their early 30s. There was an asian girl that I found ridiculously attractive. We ended up talking for a good 45 minutes until her friends wanted to go meet some people at a different bar. I ended up getting her number, and felt like if I actually lived in San Fran, that would be a really solid close.

Aftermath: I flew in Sunday and spent Monday sleeping and recovering. Tuesday I hung out with my new kickball team. There was this really cute girl there, so I decided to try my newly polished skills with her. Basically I did all the things I did well: talking from a personal perspective combined with touching, and all the things that GK helped me improve on: showing interest, and most importantly logistics. I found out she was single. I started inviting her to things right there, and she started inviting me to things as well. I ended up too drunk by the end of the night and forgot to get her number(she left abruptly). No worries though, we are on the same kickball team I thought. Well since we had made plans together, she texted me the next day after hunting down my number from mutual friends. And we ended up hanging out Wednesday for a bit, and making out on Saturday. I’ll see her again Tuesday, which is pretty fantastic.

GK really helped me figure out what I was missing, where I was going wrong, and how most importantly, how to fix it. I wrote about probably less that 10% of the interactions that happened that weekend, each one learning something different. The money I paid was small compared to how these knowledge and skills will improve my quality of life. Plus he’s just a cool guy, he hasn’t lost the core of who he is in this game. I highly recommend him if you’re looking for someone to do a bootcamp with, regardless of your current skill level.”

Charm School student, San Francisco


“About GK:

* He is a very likeable person.
* He is educated.
* He is very considerate.
* He is great with women.
* Most important of all, he is a fantastic teacher (on a scale of 1-10, I give him an 11; no, make that 17).
* GK is someone I really like, if you haven’t got it so far.

Highlights of what I learned:

* The importance of using “I statements”
* The importance of proper clothes (I’m a poster boy for fat-boys-gone-thin; I lost 60 lbs. this past year but haven’t bought new clothes yet because I’m still losing weight)
* The importance of disqualifying yourself to a woman (that is, making yourself look real by taking yourself off the pedestal)
* The importance of kino (kino really DOES put a woman at ease)
* When opening a mixed set, the importance of speaking first to the alpha male of the group

The “aftermath” of the bootcamp:

*I have three admins at work who think I’m the greatest thing since sliced bread.
*I met a MILF who wanted to introduce me to her daughter and who joked with me about having an MIL-SIL affair.
* More women at work want to talk to me.
* A Japanese waitress might have fallen in love with me.
* I use this stuff on my wife to lead her to where I want her to go.
* Some guy told me that I must get laid quite a bit; I replied that I did (not telling him, of course, that it was my wife, but I knew what he meant, and yes, were I single, I would be getting laid a lot in the way that he had meant).”

45-year-old Charm School student, Seattle




“It was extremely difficult for me to get myself to sign up for a boot camp (with GK). I had taken a boot camp already with a different company (whose name I won’t mention) and got very little out of it. I felt taken advantage of and was done with the community for a while. Luckily I got so depressed that it lead me back in with the method that had seemed the most appropriate for my goals.

On Friday afternoon we met in coffee shop and GK got to know us a bit. One thing to note about him was that there was nothing flashy or gimmicky about him. He’s just a nice, down to earth guy. This was good for me because it reassured me that I really might not have to change that much. … From this conversation alone there were two things I already really liked as compared to my crappy boot camp. First, he keeps things simple and digestible, going through a given interaction from approach to closing. Also, he had actually read my pre-event interview and seemed to have a specific game plan for me.

We went to Union Square and watched GK as he demonstrated on a cute brunette, sitting alone, plugged into her Ipod. We watched from a distance and noticed a few things. Kino on the approach and vibe which I now truly believe you can’t understand from reading material or podcasts. At least I didn’t. He had her laughing the whole time and number closed inside of 10 minutes. When he returned I had already gone into my trademark social shutdown mode, anxious as hell that I was expected to do that.

Now, I’m not a virgin and I have had some experience but cold approaching a girl who is otherwise engaged in the daytime seemed like the most difficult thing in the world. GK pointed out a few sets and I had my excuses on why not to approach. I started feeling really bad as we walked around and even considered telling him I just wasn’t ready to do this. He saw that I was struggling as the other guy in our boot camp was making approaches. We took a few minutes and he gave me some more pep talk action about how her unapproachable appearance is all a façade and how they’re never going to have a sign that reads “approach me”. After neutering all my excuses he finally pointed to a real cute girl sitting on the steps by herself. He told me to put one foot in front of the other and I was off. I touched her on the shoulder and nervously stuttered, “hey, I thought you were really cute and I just wanted to come say hi” The space in between my opener and her reaction was maybe a second or two. In that space my mind showed me a flipbook of all the horrific responses that were possible from public humiliation to pepper spray. Then, she shyly smiled and said “oh, ok”. We chatted for a bit and I was too nervous to implement any of the other stuff we had talked about but for me this was huge. In three hours with GK I had accomplished more than I had in 3 days with the other boot camp. I was truly stoked and had dispelled a big limiting thought I’d held for a long time.

Charm School student, San Francisco

“I am still a (reluctant) v-card carrier, though I’m doing well in all other parts of my life, just not with women. I used to be painfully shy, eventually decided my life had to change, stumbled across the “community”, read voraciously and found that (GK’s) philosophy most agrees with who and what I want to be.

GKs impeccable girl radar picked up a cute (and dorky in a sexy way) Asian girl sitting on a couch in a mall seating area, all by herself, reading a book.

GK sent me off into battle again and I approached the girl and said some complete gibberish about me wandering around the mall, spotting her reading a book, finding her interesting and wanting to talk to her. I guess her first reaction could be summarized by “what?”

Soon we were talking about what she was studying, her living situation, my trip to the US and where I was staying, what I liked about her, and, lo and behold, I invited her along to the happy hour at a bar that GK wanted to take me to later and exchanged numbers.

When I found GK again he said: “See, that was half an hour right there.” It had felt more like five minutes.

What I hope is apparent from this review is that not only did I have a lot of fun, also the things that had seemed insurmountable earlier that afternoon, like approaching, now seemed completely trivial. In my very first, clumsy approach of the day, I tried to make up an excuse for not leaving, In my last approach, I made the girls come up with an approach for me staying. That change in confidence has not unchanged since, and I don’t expect it to.

What can I say about GK? If I lived in SF I would hang out with him more, not only to learn from him, but because he is fun company. As for the instruction, he let me chose my own pace and still got me to push myself a bit more, do one more approach and have fun in the process.”

— Private instruction student in San Francisco (who is no longer a virgin)

“GK’s camp was top notch. He keeps his “classroom” teaching to a bare minimum, with the idea that he doesn’t want his guys to be filled with distracting worksheets in their heads about what they have to do. The vast majority of the time he spent in the field “doing” and the results were astonishing. Without the worries of a checklist of things to say, the boys took flight. Neither seemed like he would be particularly adept beforehand — both seemed nervous and a little awkward — but once in the field they just got stronger and stronger. Very simple, direct, game.

I was inspired by them, in fact. I watched both engage very attractive girls in a local park with great, 20-minute conversations — Rangler even longer — and if you read his post, you know what he got up to later that night. Henegg, became a champion at “Veloso-game” — chasing down a woman who passed him on the street, getting in front of her and stopping her to start up a conversation. That’s not easy. Or at least that’s what I thought until I saw Henegg pull it off a few times with some serious hotties. All in all a remarkable weekend, and GK showed himself to be a star.”

— Charm School observer, San Francisco

“I was a bit surprised by his look. Nothing that screams PUA: no superpua uniform, no robe or cool boots and no big S (or P) marked on his chest. He was just an ordinary looking dude.

Let me tell you one thing (or a couple)- You can’t compare between reading about a method to learning it from an instructor. Not just the ability to ask questions but the small insights of someone who has been practicing it in the field.

What I specially liked about GK is that he’s “been there”. He was an Afc and he went to a bootcamp and practiced and practiced until he mastered what he now teach.

Neither GK nor Wayne tried to peacock or to behave all “Pua” (frankly, I’m not even sure what that mean), they were just themselves and it was enough (as it was proved later When GK took the digits from this stunning blonde actress in the club).

I must admit I never “did” bookstores before, but it was fun especially with GK right by eavesdropping to my conversations and telling me to SOI or once after I lest a set to re-engage it (which was a really good call, It was hard for me to come back into the set after I thought it’s over. But he was right, I had more fun with her and ended up with the digits).

Later this night we went to the Matrix, a pick up place. Sets just blew open. It was a pick up place, so many players, But I felt like I own the place. I opened sets, I took phone numbers (I think 3 or 4). One of them from the hot brunette friend of the actress GK opened (We tried to challenge him by sending him to the hottest set in the bar, but after I saw he’s in I had to join).”

— Charm School student, San Francisco

 “GK gave me some great advice to help me plug some major leaks in my game and I cant wait to internalize these changes. He was also kind enough to show me his wardrobe and gave me a few, much needed, fashion suggestions. Thanks again GK!”

— Private instruction student, San Francisco

“If I could live my life again, I would have started saving up for this bootcamp as soon as I started working. At time of writing, we all know the economy isn’t the best, but after taking the bootcamp I wished I had taken it sooner. I think it depends on what each individual values, but I view it as an investment – for $1400 you can learn social skills that will benefit you with the opposite sex for the rest of your life. Compare that to your lifetime earnings and it’s a drop in the bucket.

— Charm School student, San Francisco

Although GK was well dressed, it was clear that his personality/charm was what engaged girls. The best part is that with JM you’re expressing your own personality and really being yourself instead of having to memorize routines/stories/etc. and be “someone else” when you’re approaching girls.

I had talked myself out of approaches before the bootcamp, but GK just kept pushing me into set after set, we would do a quick review right afterwards, and then go back in. A few times he would even help me during a set – either by whispering instructions to me, or even text messaging my cell phone from a distance to give my pointers – how cool is that? There’s just no substitute for having an instructor right there with you to point out the small details, give you instant feedback, guide you during a set, demonstrate approaches for you so you can observe the entire interaction unfold …

GK’s a great instructor – he had gone from just a regular guy to a regular guy with a lot of experience, so it was easy to relate to him. Because of this, he also knew what I was thinking, what I was and wasn’t ready for, and it allowed him to push me at a pace that was just right – a challenge/stretch, but not overwhelmed.

I think guys of all levels and experience will see an improvement with varying degrees – for me as a beginner, I was able to get an instadate.”

“What I liked about GK was that he tailored his lessons to fit my goals. He understood where I was coming from, and that allowed him to determine, correctly, when to push me and when to congratulate me for what seemed like small successes. At times I was really on a roll, opening sets and taking risks; at Other times I was struggling with my energy level and having trouble opening. GK spotted that and helped me through the tough times, and I always felt comfortable with his instruction; he knew intuitively how far he could push me before I’d implode, and he was always there with the right encouragement.

And I highly recommend you take a bootcamp with GK. He was great, and if I decide to take more instruction in the future, GK is the guy I’m going to call.”

— Charm School student, Portland

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