Cougar party!

by GK on August 13, 2009

For my Bay Area readers, I had to pass this one along. One of my main wingmen notified me of the National Single Cougars Convention, billed as America’s “first-ever” (!) convention of older single women and younger prey, I mean, men. It’s happening Aug. 28 in Palo Alto.

Cougars aren’t my thing — I’ve never been with a significantly older woman, and at 33 I’m not even sure if I qualify as cougar bait anymore. But if I weren’t busy with a private instruction that weekend, I’d be all over this event just for the entertainment factor. I can’t help but picture three 40-somethings in leopard-print skirts, drinking cosmos as they gang up on a jittery 22-year-old software engineer while dancing to Lady Gaga. Where were cougars when I was 22, by the way? 

Someone, please try to attend this event and let me know how it goes. Rowr.

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