Don Draper: Ladies’ Man on a Comeback

by GK on August 25, 2010 · 1 comment

Was it something I said, Don?

Days after my online intervention for Don Draper, who was fast losing his Grade A game with the ladies, he showed us some signs of life in the latest episode of “Mad Men.”  It’s far too soon to say he’s all the way back, but we finally saw our first Vintage Don in Season 4.

The future Mrs. Draper? I say maybe.

Granted, he didn’t get off to the best start. He took the hot wannabe actress to Benihana, and he didn’t exactly wow her with his choice of atmosphere, office talk and ignorance with chopsticks — have I mentioned how dinner dates are a bad idea? But really, I think Don was there more to research Japanese culture than for courtship — as she points out, it’s only the third time he’s seen her in five months. And despite Don’s continued dating faux pas, she still seems smitten with him.

But it’s not that blonde I’m thinking about. It’s the more accomplished blonde, Dr. Faye Miller, and her revealing break-room encounter with Don. First, she reveals that she’s actually not Mrs. Miller after all — the ring is fake and intended to fend off men — to which Don retorts, “But you told me.” Dr. Miller doesn’t have an answer for that.

Then, Don does some revealing, and it’s a well-timed moment of vulnerability about his struggles as a divorced parent: “I don’t see them enough. And when I do, I don’t know what to do. And when I drop them off, I feel relieved. And then I miss them.”

Don knows she can read him well — she’s basically the female version of him — so he’s better off with being authentic about his emotions. It’s touching, and almost comical the way Don says, “It is not going well.” I would say those few minutes of talking in front of the dishes were more seductive than any of the weak and drunken come-ons Don was making all season.

Sure, maybe Don isn’t so smooth when he makes a passive attempt to ask Faye out by cracking, “Fake plans with your fake husband?” But even that’s pretty funny. I guessed at it in my previous post, and I can confidently say it now: if he can just get his act back together, I think Don’s found himself a match far more suitable than Betty was. They’d be fun to watch together just for the mind games alone.

Meanwhile, Don’s psyching out his advertising rivals and the Japanese, and he’s doing it all while looking sober. So score this week as a modest win for Don — hopefully with some real fireworks to come.

P.S.: Please don’t think I’m switching this blog to a “Mad Men” review site. I’ll have my usual content coming up next.

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anywaye a nice post

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