Getting your mack on at the museum

by GK on January 12, 2010 · 1 comment

The more I look at venues for socializing and dating in San Francisco, the more I’m seeing that museums have become the new bars. That suits a nerd like me just fine, and it might suit you.

I’m a strong advocate of dance clubs, at least if there’s 80s music involved. But if the bar or club scene is too advanced or just too loud for you — and it is for some of my students — I suggest checking out your local museum calendar for evening events. If you’re in a decent-sized city, there’s a good chance you’ve got something.

Some benefits of a museum party: you can drink, but the energy level won’t be as frantic, it probably won’t be as crowded, there are conversation topics all around you, and the women are likelier to have a respectable education. Or at worst, they went to UCLA.

For you Bay Area types, I thought I’d list off some options in San Francisco that happen regularly:

NightLife at the California Academy of Sciences (Every Thursday): I gave this one my approval last spring. It isn’t quite the hot spot it was then, but it’s still mighty good. If you can’t make conversation out of watching penguins have sex as you and her drink wine, I have nothing to tell you. There’s dancing, and if you’re on a date and want to find a place to get frisky, there are plenty of nooks and crannies upstairs.

Friday Nights at the de Young (Every Friday): I haven’t been to this one in a couple of years, but I was impressed with it (If I get a cute woman’s number anywhere, even at the DMV, I’m impressed with the venue). It’s a chill, lounge-like atmosphere with some kind of live singing or dancing, usually of the exotic variety. And if you want to make an instant date of it with the girl you just met there, you can check out the King Tut exhibit until March.

SF Museum of Modern Art (Every Thursday): The museum doesn’t make any big deal of it, but it stays open every Thursday until 8:45. You could do a lot worse for a happy-hour spot, and as with most museums, there’s plenty to talk about. It’s modern art, so you can interpret that canvas of squiggly lines any way you want. This place is better in non-stormy weather, when you can take advantage of their rooftop bar.

After Dark at the Exploratorium (First Thursday of the month): I haven’t been to this place since I was but a child, but it appears to have lost its innocence right along with me. They’re offering “adult-oriented programming,” and their next event is called “Sexplorations: Exploring Nature’s Reproductive Strategies.” I can’t vouch for it yet because I haven’t checked it out, but I give them credit for trying. It looks like they’ve got some other cool stuff here, too.

OK, folks, put on your stunner pocket protectors and go mingle!

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1 Matrix January 15, 2010 at 12:05 am

Although I havent actuall been in a museum in a LONG time, I can definetly see the benefit of picking up girls there.

A. intelligent, high quality
B. not a lot of amogs to contend with
c. quite atmosphere, easily sociable

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