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by GK on April 3, 2012

My dad didn’t teach me a lot about life, except when it came to preserving it. After suffering a stroke about 15 years ago and getting little help from his doctor, he learned to heal himself, and supplementation was a big part of that. He’s now 80 and walking around better than many 50-year-olds.

I started taking supplements about 10 years ago because of him, but in recent years I’ve become more serious about it. I’ve talked to a couple of guys recently about the supplements I take, and their interest made me want to share them with you here.

While any of these would be good for you, don’t just take my word for it. Find a nutritionist who really knows their stuff and can test your body’s chemical balances to find out where you need specific help. The sooner in life you get this stuff handled, the better. If you’ve ever dated a woman over 30 and wondered why she was crazy, it’s probably because her chemicals got out of whack through poor nutrition.

You don’t want to be a crazy chick, do you?

My buddy Tre Tre, who is big on supplementation, referred me to Carla Heiser of the Avellino Group in Chicago, and all I had to do was mail some samples to their lab (the first time I ever put my urine in the mail!). The help someone like her can give you might save your life someday.

On her advice, which also included eliminating gluten and sugar from my diet, I’ve been taking all but one of these for over a year now, and I can say I’m definitely better off with them. I don’t get sick as often (and when I do I’m better in a day or two), my asthma is less bothersome and I’m sleeping better. Also, at 35 my joints are pain free and I move as well as I did at 25 (my Dougie Dance is proof of this).

isotonix multivitaminYou’ll notice that this list is expensive, but you get what you pay for and you’ll end up paying a lot less in hospital bills. Here goes:

Isotonix Multivitamin ($51.95 for a three-month supply): This is one of three Isotonix products that I take, and they’re simply superior to the pills you’ll get at Walgreen’s. The multivitamin, like the other two, comes in powder form, and it becomes isotonic when mixed with a little water. This makes your body absorb it more quickly and efficiently (most multivitamins just get pissed back out). It also tastes good (kinda like Flintstones Vitamins) and won’t upset your stomach.

Isotonix OPC-3 ($69.95 for a three-month supply): The purple grandaddy of antioxidant supplements. The benefits here are many, from elimination of cancer-causing free radicals to shorter duration of colds (I can especially vouch for this) to less inflammation to better joint and heart health. Highly recommended.

Isotonix Activated B-complex ($49.95 for a three-month supply): This gives you all the necessary B vitamins, which among other things, help your adrenal gland maintain healthy levels of the stress chemical cortisol. The Incredible Hulk could have used this. The B-complex is great for energy levels and cognitive functions.

Biotics Bio-D Mulsion ($12 for a 1 oz bottle): This comes in liquid drops, and again, it’s a powerhouse of nutritional goodness. Unless you’re tanning daily in Florida, you’re probably not getting enough Vitamin D, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory and helps in the absorption of other vitamins.

Life Extension Super Omega-3 ($24 for a two-month supply): This is one my dad and I have been taking for years, and with good reason. Omega-3 fatty acids, also prevalent in seafood, are great for your heart and metabolism, and they prevent inflammation. This particular brand comes with an olive fruit extract that removes the fishy aftertaste.

probioticsnutraMetrix Nutriclean Probiotics ($35 for a one-month supply): Expensive, I know. But you will poop more often, and who doesn’t want that? Probiotics are healthy bacteria that improve your digestion and help your body evict toxins more quickly.

 5-HTP ($15.95 for a four-month supply): This is an amino acid that is the direct precursor to seratonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates your mood. It’s been known to improve sleep, and for some people it’s an effective anti-depressant. (Note: If you’re already taking an anti-depressant, check with your doctor before taking this).

Stay healthy, my friends.

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