GK Shares Game Mission Statement

by GK on March 16, 2009

Hello, kids, and welcome to my friendly neighborhood pickup blog. I’ve wanted to give myself a better outlet for holding court on all things woman, so here you go. If nothing else, it’s teaching me how to build a blog from scratch, and for a guy who can recall the Atari 2600, this has been no small feat.


Here’s a short and sweet mission statement on what this blog is about:

  • This is a guy-centric blog dealing on anything related to women, dating, pickup, sex and social life. I’ll cover these subjects in my own nerdy way, so expect lots of random pop culture and sports references (e.g., I think you’ll find out quickly that “Star Wars” and football are two of my favorite things.)
  • This is my personal platform as a Charisma Arts instructor. I teach Juggler Method to my students, and expect that to be the prism from which many of my views are made. However, I’ll be incorporating many of my own experiences and thoughts into what I cover.
  • I’m a San Francisco resident and do most of my coaching here, so expect lots of writing about the social scene here. I love this city, and I love to brag about its many attractions (pun intended).
  • As always, I will seek to provide guys with simple solutions to their problems. Fancy techniques with weird names like “Advanced Evolutionary Kino Seduction” may sell DVD sets, but I don’t think they make guys better in the long run.
  • I’m not a big fan of field reports and I don’t intend for this blog to be a kiss-and-tell forum. But I will certainly lend insights from my own adventures, as I’m a big believer in experience over theory when it comes to helping guys. But I promise not to write anything about a woman that I wouldn’t want her writing about me.
  • I don’t want to preach from an ivory tower, so I encourage lots of reader comments, whether they’re questions, statements or outright disagreements. But play nice, or I’ll hit the delete key.
  • I’ve been known for years as “The Glove,” mostly outside the “community” but also within it during my apprenticeship with Charisma Arts. I had to let the name go within the company, but this blog is dedicated to the great Gary Payton, and the tenacious defense he inspires me to play on the basketball court.  Too bad I never had his offensive skills.

And that’s it. Enjoy!

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