How to look for her wedding ring

by GK on July 20, 2009

This post may seem remedial to some, but I’ve been reminded lately that it’s still necessary. I think every guy goofs up now and then by forgetting to look for a woman’s wedding/engagement ring before approaching her — I know I have. Sometimes I have no choice because her hand is obscured, and if I wait too long I’ll miss my chance. I can usually recover from that sort of mistake, anyway.

If you don't want her to show you her OTHER finger, watch out for the ring.

But I’ve noticed lately that some of my students, and many other men out there, don’t even realize which finger to look for. So here it is, guys: look for the fourth finger on her left hand. Just like this couple to the right. Unless you live in a non-Western country, this will tell you if she’s married or engaged. It’s an old tradition, and it’s based on the ring finger supposedly having an artery that leads to the heart. (Like so many other romantic ideas, this isn’t true. Not that I’m anti-romance.)

Now, if you do forget to look and she has to point to her wedding ring with an amused look on her face, just don’t overreact and you’ll be fine — blunders happen in the heat of the moment. And if you’ve followed this advice, you might be surprised at how eager she’ll be to flirt with you anyway. And if you find that she is married but left her wedding ring in her hotel, like a woman I met in Vegas once, she’s really eager to party. Watch out for those ones.

One caveat to all this: some single women will wear rings on their left ring fingers — either for style or to throw men off their trail. Just look closely at it — if there’s any bling, it’s probably a wedding ring. If there isn’t any gem on it, she might be fair game, although some wives keep their bands modest.

Now don’t pull a George Costanza and walk around with a wedding ring of your own just to attract chicks, OK?

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