I’m Back, and my 2011 Coaching Status

by GK on December 30, 2010

2010 marked the year I got away from social coaching, and I couldn’t get much farther away than the islands of Thailand. It wasn’t easy returning from my travels to Australia and Asia, but listening to the familiar cable car chimes outside my window has made me feel at home again.

(There are too many highlights from the trip to mention here, but as a fashion fanatic, I’ll tell you this: Hong Kong is a clothing shopper’s paradise. Not only will the shop girls fall over themselves to help you and flirt with you, but you can also dress like a celebrity on the cheap. I loaded up on ties there, and I got two tailor-made dress shirts for $45 each. If only I had a bigger suitcase.)

Anyway, with a new year on the way, I thought this would be a good time to update you on my coaching status, especially since a few of you have expressed interest. Basically, my status hasn’t changed. As I explained soon after leaving CA, I’ll still agree to coach the occasional guy in person or over the phone, as long as he’s motivated and I think we’re a good fit. 

I gave two private instructions on my own this year, and they were two of the best and most enjoyable students I ever had, and I supplemented those with some good phone-coaching students, too. Although I didn’t plan to do any coaching in 2011, I rather liked that leisurely workload, since it lets me keep my distance from this business while still making a positive contribution for the guys who can really benefit.

One other thing: Since Rob Overman has been making some cameo appearances here, some of you have asked me to get you in touch with him. I’ve essentially been playing secretary for him to let him enjoy his retirement (and his marriage), but Rob will be making a separate post on this matter soon. He also has a banging two-part New Year’s post coming up.

I hope that clears things up, and if it doesn’t, just ask me. Thanks to all of you who read this blog, and let’s make 2011 one bad-ass year, shall we?

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