My new smell

by GK on May 6, 2010

I should apologize for the lag in posts. Work has overwhelmed me during the week, and I’ve spent my weekends enjoying my social life. I’ve literally had to choose between going on a date and writing a blog post a couple of times. I hope you’ll understand why I chose the date.

One of those girls did help my blogging, though. She gave a positive review of the new cologne I picked out. OK, she said it smelled a little like perfume, but she still liked how it smelled it on me.

For you guys who are cologne newbies, I should explain my selection process. My skin packs more oil than Saudi Arabia, and dudes like me need to choose a fresh, summery scent over a spicy, wintery one. This is because oily skin tends to make the scent stronger.

Lots of girls complimented how I smelled when I wore my cologne of 2009, Gucci by Gucci. But I wanted to mix it up, and fortunately I found a solid replacement that claims to smell like a mojito. It’s Guerlain Homme, and while I can’t drink it, I do think it’s a solid cologne.

I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re going for a macho, powerful scent. But for a metro guy like me, it suits me fine. It’s light, but it also lets you know it’s there. And unlike Gucci by Gucci, one spray will last you the whole day (no marketing slogan intended).

If you’re wondering what kind of cologne is best for you, I suggest spending an hour at a department store or Sephora and taking turns spritzing cards. When you find one you like, try it on your skin, and see how it smells a half-hour later. If you still like it, that’s when you’ve found a keeper. Guerlain should do as my scent of 2010, at least until I trade her in for a younger model.

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