My thoughts on Simple Pickup, revisited

by GK on February 23, 2013 · 1 comment

Some readers have been suggesting I make a return visit to Simple Pickup, those rapscallions with the wacky Youtube videos and balls of steel. Being a man of the people, I had to comply.

In a post I wrote over a year ago, I was impressed with the guys’ humor and ability to inspire, but I questioned whether their over-the-top videos were really instructive of good, natural game. Some of Simple Pickup’s many fans have pointed to their more recent content and said it was indeed more grounded.

Having checked out their site again, that does seem to be true.  They’ve also got a fully realized business going now, and contrary to some of my recent dissing of the pickup community,  I would actually recommend Kong, Jesse and Jason to the 23-year-old me. So, yeah, I think they’re legit instructors.

Their Youtube videos are as funny as ever — I love watching them cockblock each other while keeping a straight face. And their Barney Stinson videos are close enough to being “normal” pickups, though they’re clearly going for entertainment with all of these.

And hey, the boys were on Nightline! Despite the mandatory belittling interview from ABC, I’d say they handle themselves quite well there.

The three amigos are also blogging regularly, and from what I’ve read, the posts include exactly the kind of practical, non-weird advice I would hope to see. They don’t cram techniques down your throat like so many others, though they’re good at pointing out what works for them. The main principles they repeat involve being courageous and a good leader — ideas I’ve certainly endorsed as an instructor.

In fact, in a recent post they closely echo what my buddy Tre Tre wrote about being in the moment, which is way more important than technique. Here it is:

 A guy who she can depend on when it comes to decision making, is a guy she’ll love. But, how do you do this? It’s called LISTENING & EXPERIENCE. As in, the more you get out there and interact with people, try new things, read, and staying active – the more you’ll be able to obtain the necessary information to deal with a whole lot of situations.

They’re also spot on in their three-part series on club game. It was almost as good as a certain other blogger’s series on club game. Cough cough.

The one area where my philosophy seems to differ from Simple Pickup’s is their insistence on “being sexual” early and often. That might work in a club environment, but it’s really only a good idea for certain personalities and certain situations. In San Francisco, I’d say it’s often a bad idea at the beginning because sexual aggressiveness tends to be frowned upon. Damn hipsters.

As for producing “normal” pickup videos that can teach, the guys are indeed doing that, though I can’t access them because I’d have to pay for their “Project Go” membership. Still, it looks like a good deal. (If there are regular videos that I can look at, please let me know and I’ll check them out).

You  can either pay $10 a month to get some uncut videos of the guys in the field, with their analysis. Or for a $20 membership you get the videos, plus access to interact with the guys. I don’t see any one-on-one coaching available, which I still think is best for a beginner, but it’s a very reasonable price, unlike some of the cynical “in-field-footage” DVD scams that some pickup stars have charged in the past at ridiculous prices (I’m looking at you, Neil Strauss).

While there are still many charlatans and opportunists out there, the dating industry seems to have matured to a point where it’s harder to charge an arm and a leg to learn “seduction secrets.” Because in truth, there are no secrets. It’s about who can best inspire confidence. For guys in their 20s and early 30s, Simple Pickup seems like a great resource for guys who want more women and less weirdness. Well done, players.

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