Podcast: Sizing up the scenes in S.F. and N.Y.

by GK on June 18, 2009


Whether it’s under the Transamerica Building or the Empire State Building, San Francisco and New York are two of America’s most flirt-friendly cities. But how do they differ when it comes to meeting women? I gave our New York instructor, Eastside Mike, a call to discuss it on the GK Shares Game podcast.

Mike talks about how he handles the more aggressive scene in New York, and I touch on the importance of being blunt with San Francisco women about our interest, even if it requires a sledgehammer. We also mention favorite daytime pickup spots.

(By the way, one term you’ll hear a few times in the podcast is “AMOG.” For the uninitiated, it’s an industry term to describe aggressive guys who try to out-alpha the other guy when they’re talking to the same girl.)

And if you have your own thoughts on these two cities or your own, I’d love to hear comments on it. Enjoy!

Podcast with Eastside Mike

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