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When you talk, be like Mike … Tyson

by GK on September 5, 2009 · 1 comment

As in my last post, I’ve got an unusual source of blogging inspiration. I recently watched a documentary that I surprisingly loved, and I can’t think of a more powerful example of talking about yourself, one component of the Big Four. The role model for talking about yourself? Mike Tyson. In almost any other way, Tyson is […]

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The Club Survival Guide, Part I

by GK on August 5, 2009 · 1 comment

I hesitate to call this a survival guide, since it might only add to the intimidation that some guys feel from dance clubs — that fear of being surrounded by Woman Godzillas in high heels and short skirts, and not knowing what to do amid the blasting noise. But hey, survival guide has a nice […]

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A word about relating to her

by GK on June 19, 2009 · 3 comments

It’s mailbag day, boys and girls. Today’s question is brought to me by Jude, who shares a problem he’s having lately: telling a woman how he can relate to her: “Lately my game has been doing good except for one little thing: relating in emotion. I do get closes though but after doing some (open-ended questions) there […]

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If there’s one thing I’ll say about dating in San Francisco, it does present dilemmas and opportunities that a guy is unlikely to find in other big cities. In some future post, I’ll discuss how incestuous the dating pool is here — not in an Alabama kind of way, but more in a “Real World vs. Road […]

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The Big Four Explained

by GK on April 2, 2009 · 2 comments

So far in this blog, I’ve covered a smorgasbord of topics that range from jealous girls to crab cakes. And you can expect more of the same — this stuff is just too damn fun for me. But as a coach for Charisma Arts, I cover a more streamlined skill set, and for those of you interested in learning […]

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