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Don’t be her shoulder to cry on

by GK on September 15, 2009 · 8 comments

My apologies for the long gap between entries. I’m close to finishing a screenplay I started two years ago, and I’m giving it most of my writing time. So I might be posting here less than usual for the time being, but don’t fret. GK’s still got your back. On to today’s topic.  Even we instructors admit to […]

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What if you forget her name?

by GK on August 26, 2009 · 3 comments

So, let’s say you’re taking up that Project 52 idea I tossed around last week, and you’re out meeting some ladies and taking names. Only if you’re anything like me, you can’t remember all their names. I think it’s a good idea to exchange names early in an interaction, just to establish that you are in […]

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I had a comical little experience at my neighborhood bar last night that I thought I’d share, as a shining example of why being genuine and expressive with women beats technique the same way rock beats scissors.  I was catching up with my buddy Doug — or Trey, as I call him after our podcast on threesomes — and soon after […]

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Before I get around to my club survival guide, I wanted to tackle one crucial aspect of conquering clubs — and for socializing anywhere else: good energy. I’m not talking about any mystical force that surrounds us and binds us — let Yoda have that. I’m talking about good ol’ tangible energy — the kind Winnie the Pooh has lots […]

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In defense of dance clubs

by GK on July 28, 2009 · 4 comments

Some might find it ironic that although I’ve earned my greatest success as a Charisma Arts instructor from teaching guys how to connect with women during the day, I’ve had much of my personal success this year on the sugar-stained floors of dance venues. That’s right, easy-going Greg does have a party side. Although I’d met women at clubs in the […]

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Personally, I can’t stand those lame “7 ways to make a woman purr!!!” magazine headlines and their banal article contents, but I’m breaking my rule on this one. I’m talking about flirting tactics that I used to run when meeting girls several years ago but have outgrown now. Kind of like when Michael Jordan stopped hogging the ball and started […]

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How to look for her wedding ring

by GK on July 20, 2009

This post may seem remedial to some, but I’ve been reminded lately that it’s still necessary. I think every guy goofs up now and then by forgetting to look for a woman’s wedding/engagement ring before approaching her — I know I have. Sometimes I have no choice because her hand is obscured, and if I wait too […]

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