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What is GK’s game like?

by GK on November 10, 2009

An e-mail I received from overseas during my recent hiatus reminded me of a post I’d been meaning to make — to explain my “game,” so to speak. It goes like this:  “I know you don’t use relating too much. but do you use the open-ended-question vacuum  reward ( relate )? I would be glad if you can say how […]

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GK lives (plus a couple of reviews)

by GK on November 9, 2009 · 2 comments

Before I go on, I want to deny some rumors that have surfaced during my long blogging drought: I was not kidnapped by aliens, brainwashed by a cult that worships Transformers or laying in a chocolate-induced coma. I’ve simply been busy with some things. But last week I finally finished my screenplay (the first draft, […]

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Succeed or fail? It’s your choice

by GK on September 16, 2009 · 4 comments

A common question I’ve been asked, from students and curious friends, is this: “Are some guys hopeless and can’t be helped?” You might find my answer to be against my financial interests, but the answer is yes, some guys cannot be helped and shouldn’t take instruction with me yet. But it’s not because they don’t look good […]

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Setting goals for meeting women

by GK on August 19, 2009 · 3 comments

I thought I’d pass along an old idea I came up with that helped me come out of my shell with women during the bad ol’ days — I’ve rarely discussed it over the years, but some recent students have found it interesting. So many guys come to me and other instructors looking for Game, that golden fleece […]

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Before I get around to my club survival guide, I wanted to tackle one crucial aspect of conquering clubs — and for socializing anywhere else: good energy. I’m not talking about any mystical force that surrounds us and binds us — let Yoda have that. I’m talking about good ol’ tangible energy — the kind Winnie the Pooh has lots […]

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How to look for her wedding ring

by GK on July 20, 2009

This post may seem remedial to some, but I’ve been reminded lately that it’s still necessary. I think every guy goofs up now and then by forgetting to look for a woman’s wedding/engagement ring before approaching her — I know I have. Sometimes I have no choice because her hand is obscured, and if I wait too […]

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The Wingman Rules

by GK on July 5, 2009 · 4 comments

Lately, I’ve been teaching some younger guys who don’t have much experience meeting women in bars, and they’ve been curious to know more about wingman etiquette. So I thought I’d play Moses and trot out 10 commandments for anyone who’s curious. Every now and then I have to train a wingman of my own, and if you ever want […]

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On being a student again

by GK on June 26, 2009 · 2 comments

Yes, folks, the Mighty GK has turned another year older today. I’m not going to reveal my age so overtly here, but if you look up the number Larry Bird wore, that’ll tell you. I bought myself a little birthday present last week, and I intend to make it a big part of my life. It’s […]

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