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  Whether it’s under the Transamerica Building or the Empire State Building, San Francisco and New York are two of America’s most flirt-friendly cities. But how do they differ when it comes to meeting women? I gave our New York instructor, Eastside Mike, a call to discuss it on the GK Shares Game podcast. Mike talks about how […]

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A song for summer flirting

by GK on June 15, 2009 · 1 comment

The Monday after a bootcamp, especially one after I’ve traveled as I did this past weekend, is a day of rest for me — a chance for my feet and voice to heal and to get my mind off attractive women for just a few hours. So today, as I often do, I’m relaxing over some music, and […]

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On being in the moment

by GK on May 12, 2009 · 4 comments

A lot of guys worry about what to talk about with a woman … hell, I remember the dark ages of my mid-20s, when I would write down conversation topics before a date and keep a cheat sheet in my pocket. Somehow, it didn’t help. I don’t worry about that anymore. Sure, I’ll hit some occasional dead spots with a […]

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  dR and I return for this episode of the Justice League Podcast, in which we tackle two more hot topics: whether a guy’s looks really matter with women, and the issue of technique vs. personality in meeting women. Among the nuggets of wisdom we offer: my fool-proof way to land hot women no matter […]

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I just finished up a fun two-part podcast with my fellow initialed Charisma Arts instructor, dR of Los Angeles.  And true to our geeky nature, we’ve dubbed it the Justice League podcast. Don’t expect any references to Solomon Grundy, though. For the first podcast, we gave our different takes on the issue of whether to […]

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The Big Four Explained

by GK on April 2, 2009 · 2 comments

So far in this blog, I’ve covered a smorgasbord of topics that range from jealous girls to crab cakes. And you can expect more of the same — this stuff is just too damn fun for me. But as a coach for Charisma Arts, I cover a more streamlined skill set, and for those of you interested in learning […]

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