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GK lives (plus a couple of reviews)

by GK on November 9, 2009 · 2 comments

Before I go on, I want to deny some rumors that have surfaced during my long blogging drought: I was not kidnapped by aliens, brainwashed by a cult that worships Transformers or laying in a chocolate-induced coma. I’ve simply been busy with some things. But last week I finally finished my screenplay (the first draft, […]

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How to stop dating the girl?

by GK on September 4, 2009 · 2 comments

Blogging inspiration can come to me from strange places, and this week it came to me from a girl I dated earlier this year. I’d mentioned a date with her in my post about being in the moment, and although I think she’s good people, I stopped calling her after three dates. So I just found out she […]

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I had a comical little experience at my neighborhood bar last night that I thought I’d share, as a shining example of why being genuine and expressive with women beats technique the same way rock beats scissors.  I was catching up with my buddy Doug — or Trey, as I call him after our podcast on threesomes — and soon after […]

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Cougar party!

by GK on August 13, 2009

For my Bay Area readers, I had to pass this one along. One of my main wingmen notified me of the National Single Cougars Convention, billed as America’s “first-ever” (!) convention of older single women and younger prey, I mean, men. It’s happening Aug. 28 in Palo Alto. Cougars aren’t my thing — I’ve never been with a […]

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The Club Survival Guide, Part I

by GK on August 5, 2009 · 1 comment

I hesitate to call this a survival guide, since it might only add to the intimidation that some guys feel from dance clubs — that fear of being surrounded by Woman Godzillas in high heels and short skirts, and not knowing what to do amid the blasting noise. But hey, survival guide has a nice […]

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In defense of dance clubs

by GK on July 28, 2009 · 4 comments

Some might find it ironic that although I’ve earned my greatest success as a Charisma Arts instructor from teaching guys how to connect with women during the day, I’ve had much of my personal success this year on the sugar-stained floors of dance venues. That’s right, easy-going Greg does have a party side. Although I’d met women at clubs in the […]

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When boyfriends appear

by GK on June 23, 2009 · 1 comment

This had happened to me before, but only rarely. Over the weekend I was getting my flirt on at a local club called Vessel with a comely spitfire of a redhead who looked and dressed like she was straight out of 1963. The vibe was good between us, even though she fessed up that she has a boyfriend. “I might break […]

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  Whether it’s under the Transamerica Building or the Empire State Building, San Francisco and New York are two of America’s most flirt-friendly cities. But how do they differ when it comes to meeting women? I gave our New York instructor, Eastside Mike, a call to discuss it on the GK Shares Game podcast. Mike talks about how […]

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