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I’ve talked before about the benefits of making friends with women rather than just pursuing them, and I was reminded of it last night with some helpful feminine insight. I was sucking down Malbec with Tre Tre and his female friend from out of town — she’s a lovely, outgoing woman with plenty of dating experience.  The topic that arose was whether […]

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On Being Yourself

by GK on May 24, 2011 · 5 comments

My buddy Tre Tre pointed me to this blog post about the PUA world today: It interested me because it’s written not by some Community junkie, but by a female psychologist who recently ordered “The Game” and Mystery’s book. Her post reads as follows: I recently recommended (the books) to a friend of mine for her son […]

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The Pie Chart of Attraction

by GK on May 3, 2011 · 5 comments

The one scenario in my social-coaching days that seemed to vex my students the most, and even some female friends I’ve had, is this: what to say when they’re first meeting an attractive member of the opposite sex. Our vexing makes perfect sense — no one wants to be a blubbering mess, vomiting like Stan from “South Park” every time he saw […]

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It’s Mailbag Time, boys and girls! And this is my favorite kind of mail, because it asks a good question AND strokes my ego. It’s from a former SF student of mine: “Hey GK. I’m floored that it has been a year since you and I went out. I found it a fruitful experience which just keeps […]

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My Nerd Nite PUA presentation

by GK on November 19, 2010 · 5 comments

At long last, I’m posting the video from the Nerd Nite presentation on pickup artistry that I gave in September. A couple of things about it: It’s 50 minutes long, so if you want to skip ahead to my favorite parts, be sure to watch the role-play skit with Bart and the Q&A toward the end. And […]

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Some test answers from Rob

by GK on November 10, 2010

Before I impart my answers from my post about how women test men, I’m going to give you a special treat. It’s a bonus lecture from my favorite guest professor, Rob Overman, about how he would handle those tests. So listen well: Question 1  The correct answer is E — make her laugh.    When a person […]

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This is a test … about women testing

by GK on November 3, 2010 · 4 comments

From the moment I got my first pop quiz in elementary school, I hated tests. Still do, in fact. I even hate those emergency-broadcast tests that spring up on TV every now and then. So when I first started trying to figure women out in my mid-20s, I wasn’t happy to learn that I was […]

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The Cartoon Pickup Artist

by GK on October 25, 2010 · 1 comment

I always wished “South Park” would do an episode mocking the whole PUA culture, much as they did with my beloved “Jersey Shore” recently. But I wanted to pass on a funny animated short that my friend did. We’ve all made fun of the classic pickup routines by now — you’ve seen the “Alias” sketch, right? […]

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