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As usual, what it took to bring me out of my Blog Hibernation was a simple question from a reader. Honestly, if you want to guarantee that I’ll write something in a week, no matter how busy I am, just email me with some woman-related quandary from your life. I’m like one of Pavlov’s dogs. […]

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As I return from New York and Miami, and figuratively from Mexico, I feel a bit like Jimmy Chitwood in “Hoosiers.” It’s time for me to start blogging again.  I’ll have more to say in the days ahead, but I wanted to get one thought off my chest. This regards meeting women during the day, or […]

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I’m giving my blogging hiatus a one-day hiatus of its own, since I’m about to split town for two weeks in New York and Miami and I wanted to address this sad story. Two weeks ago I stepped into my local Borders bookstore in Union Square for the last time. That Borders, like others around the […]

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A new social sport: The Gregathlon

by GK on February 9, 2010 · 1 comment

Those of you who know me probably know that I’ve devoted much of my life to sports. And now that I’ve been teaching this dating stuff for a couple of years, I think it’s high time I joined the two.  I’ve been working on this in my laboratory recently, and with the Winter Olympics just a few days away, I’m unveiling […]

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Getting your mack on at the museum

by GK on January 12, 2010 · 1 comment

The more I look at venues for socializing and dating in San Francisco, the more I’m seeing that museums have become the new bars. That suits a nerd like me just fine, and it might suit you. I’m a strong advocate of dance clubs, at least if there’s 80s music involved. But if the bar or club scene is […]

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A man’s hookup guide for New Year’s

by GK on December 25, 2009 · 4 comments

Usually it’s other guys living vicariously through me, but for one night I’m counting on you bachelors.  In years past, I’ve relished being a single guy on New Year’s Eve. It’s a night when the tables are turned and single women become the aggressors. Not all, of course, but many of them. For some reason, they can’t stand the idea of not kissing a guy […]

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Cougar party!

by GK on August 13, 2009

For my Bay Area readers, I had to pass this one along. One of my main wingmen notified me of the National Single Cougars Convention, billed as America’s “first-ever” (!) convention of older single women and younger prey, I mean, men. It’s happening Aug. 28 in Palo Alto. Cougars aren’t my thing — I’ve never been with a […]

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The Club Survival Guide, Part II

by GK on August 7, 2009 · 3 comments

So, presuming you’ve done the right things before getting to the club, as we’ve discussed in Part I, here are some tips on what to do when you’re there: Lay the groundwork, and mingle early: If you’re a newbie, I strongly suggest getting to the club early, when the energy is lower and the music […]

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