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Gaining power through better body language

by GK on October 23, 2012

I’ve been busy wearing out my voice during the Giants’ World Series run (woo hoo!), but I’m going to interrupt that for a minute to share a video relating to body language that both educates and inspires. My friend sent me a recent TED talk featuring social psychologist Amy Cuddy. A quick synopsis is that […]

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I wanted to make sure I got Rob Overman’s thoughts on the pie chart of attraction I posted a day earlier, and the following is his cogent analysis. He offers a twist on my take, but the gist is the same: “I’ve been thinking about this all day because it’s an interesting question. At one point […]

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The Pie Chart of Attraction

by GK on May 3, 2011 · 5 comments

The one scenario in my social-coaching days that seemed to vex my students the most, and even some female friends I’ve had, is this: what to say when they’re first meeting an attractive member of the opposite sex. Our vexing makes perfect sense — no one wants to be a blubbering mess, vomiting like Stan from “South Park” every time he saw […]

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